The Carolyn Turner Company Values

Every business and every person has values whether they’re stated or not. What we value shows up all the time in the work we do … or, don’t do. When you’re clear on your values – what matters and doesn’t matter to you – it makes it much easier to know what to do, who to hire and what decisions to make.

Here’s what we value at the Carolyn Turner Company:

Work matters – what we do and how we do it matters in the world. People who are using their skills, talents and experience in work that is meaningful and challenging to them make the world a better place.

People matter – every single person in an organization matters. Every position in an organization matters – or it shouldn’t be there. Everyone and every position should be treated with respect and care.

Kindness matters – there just isn’t enough of it in the world. Businesses that operate with kindness to employees, suppliers and customers are profitable businesses financially and socially.

The world is changed for the better when there are more businesses doing good things in the world and treating their employees well. There is a ripple effect from work to family to communities and to the world when a place of work is a good place to be.