Introducing Carolyn Turner...

Business & Executive Coach
Carolyn Turner

Work should be a good place to be. It should be the place we get to bring our skills, creativity, knowledge and desire to grow along with being able to support ourselves. Ideally we work surrounded by people who challenge us to be better and who want to create something good in the world.

Some places I’ve worked felt like the soul-sucking dens of Harry Potter’s Dementors. Thankfully, others challenged me – in a good way – and helped me learn and develop my skills and, in turn, allowed me to help others develop their skills all while earning money and creating good things in the world.

I actually liked working in corporate America. If you’re in a good corporation, like I was for many years, there are always challenges but those often turn out to be the most rewarding opportunities.


Working in a Fortune 100 company I learned how to:


  • Grow an organization from an idea into a thriving business;
  • Surround myself with people who were probably the complete opposite of me and work together to create something that none of us could have done without the other;
  • Lead – not in the do-what-I-say mode of leadership but in the here’s-the-vision-let’s-all-get-there-together mode of leadership;
  • Fire people – and, that taught me how to hire people a whole lot better.

My Story


I graduated at the age of 22 with a degree in Comparative Religion from a small, private liberal arts college in the Pacific Northwest. There was a recession and I was desperate to find a job, any job. Eventually and with much gratitude I got a lucky break and was hired as a secretary at a cell phone company. This became a rewarding career in engineering/operations in the cell phone industry.

Nearly twenty years later and with a lot of growth, I accomplished way more than would have thought possible! It was time to create the next phase of my life and a new way to contribute.

With the Carolyn Turner Company I get to weave together my degree with nearly two decades of business experience into a unique approach to business success. I start with a rock solid understanding of business fundamentals, and couple that with fundamental truths and an appreciation for the basic human need to connect with something greater than ourselves.

I have a great respect for the huge variety of ways that people contribute to work, and an appreciation for how people can come together to create powerful results that no one person could do on their own. Combining these elements makes business as an exciting place to be! I help business owners combine teams with different skills and experience to create truly remarkable things in the world.


Being a Business Coach is the best thing I’ve ever done.


I work with business owners to create successful, growing businesses that value profitability and people. There’s no better feeling than helping businesses create great results, meaningful communities and financial success. These are companies that positively impact that world.

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– Carolyn